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Juliette Dining Table & Chairs

for custom order


Juliette Dining Table Starting Price: $1,960
Petite French Chair Starting Price: $550 *
Petite Louis Bergere Chair Starting Price: $1,450 *
*Starting Price Does Not Include Fabric

As Shown:
Finish: Versailles Creme
Trim Out Finish: Versailles Blue - on table only
Appliqued Mouldings: Standard
Fabric: AFK Opulence Creme 

Juliette Dining Table: $2,646
Petite French Chair: $726 /each
Petite Louis Bergere Chair: $1,963 /each

Total for the Set: $9,476
Set Includes: Juliette Dining Table and Four Petite French Chairs and Two Petite Louis Bergere Chair

This item is available for customization in a wide variety of AFK Finishes.
CLICK HERE to email us about customizing your order, or call us at 1-800-700-6547.

Juliette Dining Table
H: 22" W: 31" L: 56"

Petite French Chair:
H: 26-5/8" W: 14-3/8" D: 18"

Petite Louis Bergere Chair:
H: 27-1/2" W: 19" D: 16"