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Essential Furniture Every Child's Room Needs



The most important necessity for your child’s room is, of course, the bed: a place where your child will feel comfortable and at ease while sleeping. While you could just buy a standard bed, a better option would be to choose a bed customized to their preferences and something special. Make sure their bed is soft and inviting, since it’s likely they will spend more time on the bed that is comfy and cozy, even when they are not sleeping.. (Don’t we all?). At AFK Furniture you can find a variety of luxury baby furniture to fit your child’s taste!

Activity Corner

A designated area for playtime will help your child learn to stay tidy and neat while understanding the importance of compartmentalizing time and space. It will also help them learn to be neat and tidy because it gives them a designated place to put their toys away! Choose from our hand painted designer furniture depicting various themes from Alice and Wonderland to Nautical Antique Maps!

A Soft Glowing Night Light

This is for you as much as it is for them, on those late nights when you hear a ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ called through the house, you will be able to enter their room with visibility and without having to turn on all the lights. Additionally, for most children having a night light helps them sleep at night by providing a soft glow and by making the dark not-so-dark. This is especially great to put in your nursery to keep your baby calm and comforted.

A Cuddly Object

Whether it be a soft blanket, a fluffy pillow, or a couple stuffed animals, having something cuddly and soft will help your child’s room feel extra comfortable and homey. Anything that will bring comfort to your child is a wonderful addition.

A Couple Books

Reading is very important, not only will the activity mentally stimulate your child but it will also foster their imagination and education. Make sure to have a couple books on hand for their enjoyment. Bonus - books also function as a great mutual activity when you read to them and as decoration!


Without a doubt you will need some sort of storage in your child’s room for everything from clothes to toys. Try to find some kids furniture that is their height and easy for them to use, this will encourage them utilize the storage piece and learn organization and cleanliness.

Explore AFK Furniture now and find all your must-have child’s room essentials!