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5 Essentials for a Dream Luxury Interior


Creating your dream luxury interior is a very special and exciting project. From choosing a color scheme to picking the finishing touches, you want to contemplate and hand pick every item that is added to a room, carefully comparing each item to your overall theme and to each other. Ultimately, watching a room come together with pieces that you hand select, and truly love, is key to creating your dream luxury interior!

Below, we give some of our top tips on how to create your dream luxury interior.


One Statement Piece

Whether the bed in your bedroom, the coffee table in your living room, or an ornate mirror in your entryway, including a luxurious statement piece in a room will always elevate the feel of the space. Focus on including a piece that commands the attention while exuding style and class. At AFK, all the beds we craft are without a doubt the perfect designer furniture statement piece for your dream luxury bedroom. With gorgeous upholstery and hand carved wooden details, adding an AFK Bed to your bedroom will instantly elevate your room to the luxurious interior you have always wanted.

A Day Bed

Nothing says luxury like a daybed. The epitome of leisure, a day bed is an ideal multi use luxury furniture piece that can help a room perform multiple functions. Great in small spaces, day beds can be used as a sofa when transformed with a few throw pillows, or as a guest bed as well, making them the ideal addition to a spare bedroom. You can even have one as a focus piece of a room and create a simply dreamy spot for an afternoon siesta.

Timeless Art

No luxury interior is complete without timeless art, as art can really be the finishing touch on setting a tone for a room. At AFK we find this especially true for our luxury nurseries and children’s rooms. While we provide a wide array of had selected artwork from abstract hand painted pieces to vintage nursery rhyme drawings, our absolute favorite art pieces are our Barbie Prints. Our limited edition, signed and numbered Barbie prints which feature Barbie in exquisite haute couture outfits drawn by designer Robert Best are the ideal addition to your luxury interior nursery decor. Classy, elegant and timeless, these hand drawn Barbie prints add a luxe feel to any room.


Great Scent

This may seem like an odd tip to include in this post, but for a truly luxurious space, we recommend adding in a scented decorative piece. For some, scent is equally important as sight and you want a room that you have spent time and effort on to truly overwhelm it’s guests with wonder. A great way to do this is to add a gorgeous reed diffuser. This is a subtle and glamorous way to have constant and lasting aroma in your room. Taking a room beyond sight to sensory scent is a simple and subtle way to add a luxurious touch.

Check out our vast collection of luxury furniture and start planning for your dream interior with AFK!