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​3 Brilliant Ways to Organize your Nursery


Having a baby and planning a nursery can be very exciting, but at times also seem like a daunting task. In the process, some questions might arise: Where does one stash all the diapers? How much storage might you need? How can you keep all your baby’s stuffed animals etc. organized yet available? And while these questions might raise some concerns, at AFK luxury furniture we strive to put together the perfect nursery for your needs, including organization. Here are three of our many tips on keeping your beautiful AFK nursery organized and picturesque.

Under Crib Storage

If you have a smaller space to work with, you will want to take advantage of hidden spaces with potential for storage. For example, if you have a raised crib (especially with a bed skirt), beneath your luxury baby crib. Not only is this area concealed, but it can also be quite convenient and handy for items you need late night while tending to your baby in their crib as they will be immediately available. AFKs designer baby cribs are the perfect addition to your nursery!

Pro Tip - Include a small light in your under-crib storage, this way if you baby is up at odd hours you will still be able to see inside the bin without turning on all the lights.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is highly advantageous in those moment where you need to locate and grab something quickly. With open shelving bookcases, you won't have to open multiple drawers and doors in order to find a specific item. This is especially helpful in those time when you are holding your baby in one arm and only have one hand to work with. In choosing an open shelving option from our high end furniture selection, everything will be easily visible and accessible in addition to being easier to put away. If you are not a fan of open shelving, consider purchasing shelf organizers to create a more orderly look.

Toy Chest

Investing in a toy chest to pair with your selection of luxury baby furniture can have many positive effects on your nursery. It will create a designated location for which to keep toys and stuffed animals while keeping them concealed. Additionally, and possibly more importantly, as your baby grows up and becomes a toddler, having a toy chest will also teach them the importance of organization and designated storage by providing an easy and gorgeous means to do so.

Pro Tip - Customize your child's toy chest with their name or favorite sport, story, or color, to further encourage a positive attitude towards organization!

Shop AFK luxury baby cribs, open shelving bookcases, and toy chest, and speak to one of our fabulous associates to start planning your perfect nursery today!