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​Incorporating Rose Quartz and Serenity into Your Nursery Decor


The Pantone Color of the Year is meant to be a symbolic color representation of what is taking place culturally, that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude. For 2016, cultural themes of mindfulness and well-being, reassurance and security, inspired the choice the ‘warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.’ At AFK, we couldn’t be more in love with these themes, and especially how they translate to the nursery.

These feelings of respite and relaxation are exactly what you want to have in your nursery and home! What is more, AFK has extensive experience combining pastel pink and blue in nursery decor, as it is something we have been doing since we began back in 1981. So much experience in fact, that we consider ourselves Rose Quartz and Serenity Experts when it comes to nursery and interior design… (self proclaimed, but we’ve been around the block ;) ) Below, are some of our top tips and favorite ways to incorporate rose quartz and serenity into your lovely home and nursery!


As Accent Colors

If you love the idea of rose quartz and serenity, but are more of an all white interior person, a great way to incorporate these colors is to include them as accent colors. Keep your walls white and choose white colored larger unique furniture pieces like the bed and dresser. Then, pick pink or blue smaller objects like lamps, a glider, and bedding to complement the room. This method will give your overall room the look of an all white interior while adding subtle hues throughout. This is a great options for monotone fans and for those who may not prefer to commit to a specific color choice long term.


As Complementary Colors

Love pink, love blue? Can’t choose one over the other? Then you may want to incorporate rose quartz serenity as complementary colors in your nursery. With this method, we aim to balance the two hues to work in harmony and then include a neutral to bring tranquility to the room. One way to accomplish this is to pick one of the two colors for the wall paint and then use the other as the main furniture color, while using the initial wall color for additional accessories like blankets and stuffed animals. This creates a well balanced use of both colors throughout your room. At AFK, we have the perfect baby cribs to accomplish this look!


As a Theme

At AFK we love a beautiful nursery with thematic decor. We’ve done many including enchanted forest designs, garden inspired nursery murals, and lorax themed nurseries. In fact, in our Beverly Hills baby boutique, we have a complete nursery on display with a sky themed ceiling mural. Themes are a great way to add an imaginative element to your nursery and given the endless options, are also a great way to incorporate color combinations! For example, choose a floral or sky theme and decorate your nursery with pink and blue flowers or clouds!


Pick A Standout Color

Last but not least, if you are really one to shy away from color, we suggest choosing one of the two colors as a main hue to pair with a neutral like white. This is ideal for those who truly prefer monotoned interiors because when pairing a pastel with white the result is a hue inspired monotone look. Then, to add in the other color, simply pick nursery furniture with molding accents, small details, or upholstered in the complementary color. This will very subtly allow you to add both colors to your room or nursery while creating a monotone effect with one main color.


However you choose to incorporate rose quartz and serenity into your nursery, AFK Furniture is the premier destination to help you create a beautiful room for your baby. Explore our luxury baby furniture today and let’s create your dream nursery together!