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​Decor Ideas for a Traditional Nursery


Having a child is an exciting experience, but it also involves a lot of planning for your little one’s arrival. One very important thing to plan is your baby’s nursery. You want it to be a place that evokes a sense of comfort for your baby but also a place that feels special to you. You might be thinking about going for a traditional look when creating your dream nursery, something new but still traditional and classical. Below are some traditional nursery color schemes you may want to consider for your nursery!

All White

While some might say an all white nursery is a bit crazy - kids are messy after all - choosing an all white palette creates a serene and calming room. Cream, gray and white spaces have a way of creating a soothing environment perfect for you and your baby. You can never go wrong with this traditional color choice incorporating AFK’s luxury baby furniture.

White and Grey

If the previous option seems a bit too monotone for you, you can always opt to mix gray and white for a sophisticated and subtle palette. In this color pairing, gray is a great alternative to pastels in your nursery, like this beautiful cradle for instance. This neutral color pairing is incredibly stylish while still being traditional and calming.


Nothing says traditional like vintage! Encorporate vintage inspired pieces like beautiful handpainted baby cribs with lovely floral moldings. Another ‘vintage’ inspired option is to add wallpaper to your baby’s room and create a beautiful and playful environment. The best part about a charming vintage inspired room, is that you can really have fun with color schemes and choose to be a bit whimsical with decor, go all out!

Red and Navy

Red and Navy are two classically traditional colors. Either separate or paired together with white, these colors are classic, sophisticated and still somehow modern. These colors may be bold, but use them as accent colors, like painting the walls, to keep them subtle. Another fun idea for these color would be to incorporate either stripes or polka dots into your nursery decor, as these colors are classic choices for those patterns.

Plush Pink

A very traditional nursery option is going all out with frilly pink. Include laces, bed skirts and other pink textures to create an ultra glam and girly room. Really, when it comes to a nursery you can never go wrong with pink! We especially love this bassinet for your plush pink nursery!

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